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Brent Marchant

freelance writer and photographer and is well-known among online conscious creation groups. He lives in Chicago.

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Brent Marchant

Product description on the Snap Out Of It Radio Network - You'll never watch a movie the same way again.

Author Brent Marchant goes to the movies and shows us how to view films of all sorts from a conscious creation perspective and from them learn how to get the picture of our own lives.

Larry King and Oprah are talking about "conscious creation," and movie audiences all over the world have learned from What the Bleep?! and The Secret that we create our own reality!

Each chapter introduces a particular conscious creation concept and explores five movies that illustrate and edify the concept at hand. As we examine onscreen characters' mistakes and successes from a conscious creation perspective, we can begin to apply what we learn to our own lives.

* Each of the 12 chapters focuses on a particular conscious creation principle and includes 5 movie analyses that illustrate that principle.
* The individual analyses are entertaining and enlightening whether or not you actually see the movies.
* A great companion book for the many conscious creation movie groups springing up.

Representing a broad range of films and film genres, not just "spiritual" or feelgood films--from blockbusters like The Right Stuff and Sophie's Choice to indies like Syriana and Good Night and Good Luck to classics like Vertigo and It's a Wonderful Life--Marchant uses the various story lines and characters to address the difficulties and stumbling blocks we all encounter when trying to become adept conscious creators. Get the Picture is entertaining, positive, and empowering.

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