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Just Imagine That! Talk Radio show is the product of a powerful partnership between co-founders, host, Scottie Johnson and Executive Producer, Kathy Armstrong

While rising to immense success in the world of business, Scottie and Kathy often saw that many people hold themselves back in terms of settling for a life that is less than they deserve.

Each of them created the life they wanted by learning to train their thoughts to attract their desires. This process is a learned skill which is not difficult to learn with proper mentoring, and practice.

During an interesting and entertaining hour each week, you will learn exactly how to use your thought patterns to capitalize on the Law of Attraction and craft the life you have always desired, but never seemed to achieve. The show features guest appearances with some of the most recognized names in the field of personal growth along with questions from the audience.


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Meet Scottie on the “Snap Out Of It!” Radio Network

After almost 20 years as a trial attorney in the field of domestic relations, Scottie hung up her trial attorney’s sword to follow her passion of helping others change their lives for the better. She rose to the top of the legal field, including becoming a Fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and as a frequent guest lecturer for the Bar Association on the topics of Ethics and Professionalism, among other honors.


Divorce is very destructive emotionally, and most people only see the traumatic effects in their lives. Throughout her years of practice, Scottie refined her skills in teaching her clients to see the positive aspects still present in their lives, and taught them to be creative problem solvers under the most difficult of circumstances.


During this same time, she obtained certification as a professional coach from the Academy of Coach Training, in Bellevue, Washington. After certification she coached scores of clients on a wide variety of issues, including business development, career development and change, relationship issues, using the Law of Attraction and  issues of personal transformation.


Scottie is also a high demand keynote speaker, and workshop leader, in addition to presenting Just Imagine That! She also maintains an active coaching practice.


Now, as co-founder of the widely acclaimed radio show, Just Imagine That! She shares her gift for wit, insight and enhancing personal empowerment with a much wider audience.